About Momentum Show Choir:

Momentum Show Choir is a brand new Youth Show Choir that aims to make performing arts education accessible to talented youths who may be lacking opportunities to pursue their dreams due to financial constraints. This programme is led by Creative Director, Ms. Deniece Grace Foo who has 16 years of experience in the industry and was the first to bring the show choir program to our local schools.


Goals & Aspirations of Momentum Show Choir

Make music education accessible

Promote emotional and social connections

Empower youth voice


(1) Youths will have between 10 -16 years
(2) Youths will have to be nominated by their school
(3) Youths should have displayed interest in vocal & dance performance.
(4) Youths need to be motivated individuals with a desire to explore and learn more about performing arts
(5) Youths have to commit to weekly trainings on Saturdays, 10.30am to 12pm, 1.5 hours.
(6) Youths will need to provide their FAS letter during their submission.
(7) Youths will need to submit a video with the following content
(a) Self introduction
(i) Name, school, age, anything interesting about yourself
(ii) Why do you want to join Momentum Show Choir?
(b) A song (approximately 1 min)
(c) A dance (approximately 1 min)

What they will learn

(1) Youths will be provided foundation vocal training
(2) Youths will be provided basic dance & movement training
(3) Youths will learn how to use facial expressions and theatrics to enhance their performance.
(4) Youths will learn how to sing and dance with confidence.
(5) Youths will learn how to sing in a choir, which includes learning about blending and singing in harmony

Performing Opportunities

(1) Be part of at least one music video a year
(2) Be invited as guest performers in community performances and showcases.
(3) Be part of a concert


The total cost of the program is $598/= per term. However, through the generous donations of
our sponsors and donors, FAS students will be able to attend the training at a 100%
subsidized cost.
Their year long journey in this choir will culminate in a year-end performance, where we hope to not only showcase their talents, but also allow them to depict their stories, their individuality, and their visions for the future.
Through the power of music, we hope this choir can lend a voice to youths. To transform an empower them to pursue their dreams.


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