Driven by a passion to foster a dynamic, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere, where the joy of rhythm and musicality meets self-expression, Emerge Arts & Media collaborates with skilled instructors to offer enriching dance classes for kids, singing, and musical theatre courses. Our dance studio, steps away from a world of dance art and creativity, provides both physical and online classes in a variety of styles. Embrace your fullest potential in our engaging, fun, and motivational setting, where you’ll learn innovative vocal exercises, singing techniques, and immerse in the enchanting world of dance and drama classes.

Our Team


Deniece Grace Foo

A triple-threat by training, Deniece Foo is a versatile performing artist, vocal & dance instructor. She started her journey in the arts at 3 years old, being the youngest person on stage. She joined her school’s Chinese Dance Troupe when she was in Nan Hua Primary School, and joined various street dance competitions in her JC and Tertiary years. Her accumulated training experiences in Japan, USA, Bangkok and Australia have equipped her with the depth of knowledge in the various arts disciplines. Over the years, her students have achieved honours results for their dance exams, secured castings and shows internationally, and clinched top 3 positions in competitions. She staged her original musical, “So ATAS” in 2019. Her passion for the arts continues to inspire others to follow in her path.

Jade Kerr

A Lasalle Music Degree Graduate, Jade Kerr has over 10 years of experience working on voices of all ages where they attained prestigious awards for competitions and international exams. She has performed at many prestigious stages such as Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Esplanade Concourse and Gateway Theatre just to name a few. Pre-covid she has been singing regularly at bars & restaurants, events and weddings which has since pivoted to online live streaming performances. Jade has also been producing singing covers on her own, with other musicians as well as her students.
Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical

Wu Qianyi

Qianyi has been dancing since the age of 5 and is trained in both RAD and CSTD ballet, chinese dance, jazz and contemporary. She holds the CSTD Modern Jazz and CSTD Classical Ballet Teaching Certificates, Beijing Dance Academy Teaching Certificate as well as the Certification in Progressing Ballet Technique. Qianyi has been sending about 100-150 students a year for CSTD examinations, of which 70-80% obtain Honours and Honours Plus. Her students have also won in competitions such as CSTD Born To Perform and Get The Beat. “Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.” Qianyi hopes to develop not just good dancers, but people with good values.
Hip Hop, K-Pop, Media, Content production

Darren 'dt'

Since 2006, Darren also known as dt, made his debut appearance in the local dance scene.
He has garnered much recognition by winning numerous prestigious championships around the region, judged by the pioneers of street dancers in the world and well-known international choreographers/dancers.
To top it off, he was being invited to conduct dance workshops and to judge competitions outside of Lion City.
No doubt this had caught the eyes of many artistes, choreographers, music directors, movie directors and concert directors, earning him numerous opportunities to work with top class professionals.
He even had the honour to perform for the President of the Republic of Singapore as well.

Worked with SUPER JUNIOR, ShiGGa Shay, Mint of Tiny-G, SKarf, Julie Tan, Glenn Yong, Ferlyn G etc.

Hip Hop, K-Pop, Media, Content production

Wong Weikang

Weikang has been dancing for 10 years in many different genre such as hip hop, contemporary and locking. He was previously trained by An An in hip hop at Temasek polytechnic.
Weikang participated in multiple competition be it free-styling or choreography. In 2018, under The Passionate Dancing Elders (TPDE Alumnus) they won the competition Super 24 organised by O School, under the ASEAN Open category.
Weikang hopes to nurture young talents and dancers to become confident and becoming a star!
Main priority is for everyone to have fun

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