Premier Kids Musical Theatre Singapore Classes

At Emerge Arts & Media Academy, we nurture your child’s creativity, confidence, and communication skills. Our programs in musical theatre in Singapore and music classes for kids empower them to shine on stage and in life. Join our music school to kickstart their performing arts journey.
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Why Choose Emerge Arts & Media’s Children's Musical Theatre Classes

Choose Emerge Arts & Media's children's musical theatre classes to nurture your child's creativity, confidence, and communication skills. Our specialized music classes for kids in Singapore provide a supportive environment where young performers can thrive. As a top music school, we offer expert instruction in musical theatre, helping children shine both on stage and in life. Join us to kickstart your child's performing arts journey with the best musical theatre programs in Singapore.
Why Choose Emerge Arts & Media’s Children's Musical Theatre Classes
Holistic Development in Creativity and Expression
Our musical theatre classes in Singapore are a creative playground where children can explore and develop their artistic talents in a nurturing environment. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum encourages not only artistic skills but also emotional and creative expression through the integration of singing, dancing, and acting.
Performance Opportunities
Our music classes for kids provide numerous opportunities to shine on stage at our annual recitals and local community performances. These experiences allow your child to showcase their talent, build confidence, and gain a sense of achievement.
Build Meaningful Friendships and Teamwork
Our children's musical theatre classes go beyond performance. Our music school, it's a place where lasting friendships form as children collaborate, share their passions, and create memorable performances together, fostering empathy and teamwork.

Why Choose Musical Theatre For Your Child?

Why Choose Musical Theatre For Your Child?
Broad Range of Skills Development
Musical theatre uniquely combines singing, dancing, and acting, offering a comprehensive skill set. In our musical theatre classes in Singapore, children develop vocal strength, rhythmic coordination, and expressive movement, enhancing their overall artistic abilities.
Boosts Confidence
Participating in music classes for kids naturally builds self-esteem and confidence. Through musical theatre, children learn to present themselves boldly and clearly, skills that are invaluable in everyday interactions.
Encourages Creativity and Imagination
Musical theatre is a wonderful outlet for imaginative expression. It encourages children to think creatively, use their imagination, and tell stories in captivating and innovative ways. Our classes in musical theatre Singapore provide the perfect environment for this creative exploration.
Foundation for All Dance Forms
Ballet is the foundation of dance, fostering discipline and elegance.
Physical and Mental Growth
Ballet enhances flexibility, muscle strength, and cognitive skills.
Ballet (7)
Confidence and Soft Skills
Ballet promotes discipline and confidence.
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Our Classes

Emerge Arts & Media Academy offers musical theatre classes in Singapore designed to inspire and nurture young talent. Our music classes for kids provide a comprehensive learning experience, combining singing, dancing, and acting. As a leading music school, we focus on developing each child's artistic abilities while fostering creativity, confidence, and teamwork. Join us to explore the exciting world of musical theatre and watch your child shine both on and off the stage.
Our Classes

Group Musical Theatre Lessons

Join our vibrant group musical theatre classes, where children learn and grow together. Students will engage in singing, dancing, and acting, enhancing their skills in all three disciplines. Our music classes for kids focus on fostering a collaborative spirit, allowing children to work together on performances and harmonize their voices and movements with their peers.

Our Instructors:

Meet the dedicated individuals who make Emerge a success. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Learn more about them.
Our Instructors:
Meet the dedicated individuals who make Emerge a success. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Learn more about them.

Deniece Grace Foo

A triple-threat artist, Deniece is a performing artist, vocal, and dance instructor. Starting her arts journey at 3, she has been part of a Chinese Dance Troupe and various street dance competitions. With training in Japan, USA, Bangkok, and Australia, she has depth in various arts disciplines. Her students have achieved honours in dance exams, international castings, and top competition positions. Deniece staged her original musical, “So ATAS,” in 2019 and continues to inspire in the arts.

Jade Kerr

A graduate with a Music Degree from Lasalle, Jade has over 10 years of experience in vocal training across all ages, achieving awards in competitions and exams. She has performed at prestigious venues like the Esplanade and pivoted to online performances and producing covers during the pandemic.


Alice Cahya Putri

Alice is a classically trained singer and pianist, performing internationally and teaching both disciplines. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pécs and a Bachelor’s from NUS’s Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. Her recent work includes performances with The Opera People and Red Dot Baroque. Alice emphasises imaginative teaching methods and enjoys seeing her students’ progress.

Beatrice Pung

A singer and musical theatre enthusiast, Beatrice began winning singing competitions at seven and trained in the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir for seven years. She has a Gold Award from the Asia Arts Festival and was a Top 12 finalist in The Voice 决战好声 2017. Her work incorporates original compositions, and she enjoys teaching and sharing her passion for music and musical theatre.

Lynn Wong

An emerging singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Lynn has been involved in music since 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Economics and studied at the Institute of Vocal Advancement. Her experience includes teaching in schools and conducting vocal lessons in Brisbane. Inspired by her music teacher, she focuses on sharing the joy of singing with her students.

Claim my 80% OFF musical theatre trial class

Claim my 80% OFF musical theatre trial class
We're excited to offer your child an amazing opportunity to begin their journey in the performing arts with our musical theatre classes.

For a limited period, enroll your child in our beginner-friendly musical theatre trial class for just $18 (U.P $50)!

This special offer is the perfect way for your child to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of musical theatre. In our trial class, they will experience the exhilarating blend of singing, dancing, and acting.

Enroll your child in Emerge Arts & Media’s children musical theatre classes and watch as they develop their skills, grow in confidence, and ignite a lifelong passion for the performing arts.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that your child will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our singing trial class that we provide a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the experience, we will promptly issue a full refund.

Kickstart Your Performing Arts Journey

Money back guarantee
We are so confident that your child will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our singing trial class that we provide a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the experience, we will promptly issue a full refund.
Kickstart Your Performing Arts Journey

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What age group is the Musical Theatre trial class designed for?

Our Musical Theatre trial class is designed for children aged 3 years old and up, catering to their unique interests and energy levels.

2. How long is the trial class?

The trial class typically lasts for 45 mins – 75 mins, giving your child a comprehensive taste of what our Musical Theatre program has to offer.

3. Description of program and what makes us different from others?

The unique emotion-provoking, storytelling-centered experience that is Musical Theater allows you to communicate an array of emotions through words, music, movement, and challenging technical aspects. Students develop an ability to understand works of literature, performance, and self-expression, the perfect outlet for people to express themselves in a unique manner artistically integrated whole. We believe in cultivating good habits, techniques and having a good foundation from a young age. Children would also be able to build their confidence and express themselves through singing, dancing and acting! We have specially curated the syllabus for this class that combines the best of Australia’s CSTD and UK Trinity Musical Theatre syllabus, making it the first in Singapore where students are able to be trained in both syllabus in one class!

4. Does my child need prior experience in Musical Theatre?

No prior experience is required! Our classes are beginner-friendly, and our expert instructors will guide your child every step of the way.

5. Is this a speech and drama class for kids focused on acting?

This is not a pure drama class so do expect singing and dancing too!

6. If my child enjoys the trial class, what are the next steps to enroll in the full program?

If your child loves the trial class and wishes to continue, simply speak to our friendly staff. They’ll guide you through the enrolment process and provide details about class schedules, fees, and other important information.

7. Will there be performance opportunities after joining this program?

Yes! We organise an annual concert in April-May every year. Students who show talent in this area will also be offered to join our competition program.

8. Does this program help with Direct School Admissions (DSA)?

Yes! This program opens pathways to vocals, dance and drama DSA. Do speak to us more about this!

9. What type of songs will be covered in this program?

We expose the students to a wide range of musical songs, from Encanto, Frozen, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, and more. Speak with us to find out what song we are covering this term!

10. Can parents join in the class?

Parents may accompany children if their child is experiencing any separation anxiety. However, the goal should be to work towards the students joining class independently.

11. Will there be any make up classes if we miss a lesson?

We do not have make up lessons for group classes. As the dates are given in advance, we appreciate your understanding regarding this matter!

12. Are there boys in the class?

Do check in with us as the make up of the class is different for each class.

13. Where are you located?

We run classes in two locations in Marina Square (L3 and B1).